Grandmothers Against Detention of Refugee Children

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About Us

Grandmothers Against Detention of Refugee Children advocate for the freedom of all asylum seeker and refugee children detained under policies and actions authorised by the Australian Government.

We are a movement of women with insights and experience in rearing children to grow up feeling safe and happy. Consequently, we are outraged about what our country has done and the harm it continues to do to already vulnerable children seeking refuge.

Our aim is to create momentum across Australia to free all refugee and asylum seeker children with their families and to free all unaccompanied minors. We call on the Australian parliament to behave compassionately towards refugee and asylum seeker children and to free them all with their families to be safely and permanently settled in community environments.

We organise to bring awareness of the children’s plight to Australian communities and to Australian politicians.

Grandmothers’ Four Demands of the 46th Parliament

  1. End all forms of immigration detention for refugee children.
  2. End refugee family separation.
  3. Get all refugees off Manus and Nauru to safe settlement.
  4. Ensure refugee children and their families seeking asylum are held no longer than 72 hours to enable basic identity and health checks.

We welcome all Grandmothers and Friends of Grandmothers (FROGS) who want to register their support for our aims and actions.

Learn more about joining us. We also welcome donations

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